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rivate third party providers."Our data in every case has limited resolution. When we combine satellite imagery from one provider with border data from another, th

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Google Earth

is can lead to visible inaccuracies," said the Google' s le▓tter signed by Ross LaJeune, head of the firm's public policy and government affairs for Asia Pacific

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.The letter also said that Google, who is always interested in improving the mapping data quality, recommended Cambodia to express her concerns directly to Tele Atlas who provided the Cambodia-Thailand

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border data."Thi▓s will enable any changes to be reflected not only in Google Earth but i▓n all products using data from that prov

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ider (Tele Atlas)," sai▓d the letter. A compilation of maps of the Arctic and Antarctic continents has hit the shelves in Beijing bookstores. The compilation is e

vidence of China's scien▓tific achievements in geographic exploration.The map compilation boasts a prolific portfolio of detailed geographic maps, illustrations and charts of the

Arctic and Antarctica.It features around 150 pictures, evidence of China's achievements ▓in researching the two continents over the past 25 years.The State Bureau of Surve

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